Where To Live Next?

There are only two places we have recently considered living in. I think that’s fair enough considering we’ve crossed the other two places off of our list in the last four months alone (Salzburg and Berlin). If we think of or begin to discuss any other possibilites, I’ll be sure to add them to the list but as of now, here’s the remaining two contenders and some thoughts on each one:


Ever since our road trip through Scotland at the end of 2016, this country is one of our favourite places we’ve ever visited. Maybe even our #1 favourite place. While we were there, we both promised each other that – even if it wasn’t for long – we’d live in Scotland some day soon.

Since it’s very hard to rent a property in the Highlands (which is where we would preferably want to live), there are three different options we’ve discussed so far. We could live in our car for a while which would of course be a tight squeeze and pretty uncomfortable. We could buy a caravan and live in there instead which may cost us a lot of money and mean towing a caravan everywhere we travel. Alternatively, we could look into building our very own log cabin.

We’ve been discussing the idea of buying land and building a log cabin quite frequently over the past few months and our opinions have been very up and down. On the one hand, we have always wanted to build our own house and it would be nice for it to be in Scotland. On the other hand, the time, money, effort and skill needed to complete a build like that, can be seriously stressful and may not be the best idea for our current situation and up-coming plans. Since we planned on moving from country to country every few years, it would mean either selling the log cabin or renting it out which would both take some time to accomplish.

Having taken all of this into account, it’s very likely that building a log cabin will have to wait a few years but will definitely still be done at some point in our lives. If we can’t find a property to rent in the Highlands (which is 98% likely), we’ll look in other areas or consider living on four wheels.


As you can see – the second country is Canada. Neither of us have ever visited Canada previously but we have both wanted to visit for as long as we can remember. However, rather than visit the big cities like Toronto or Montreal – we have always been drawn towards the country’s national parks. In particular, Banff National Park.

It was only fairly recently that we considered actually living in Canada (just before we decided to move to Salzburg to be precise) but we’ve been hooked on the idea ever since. As you can imagine, there are a lot of things that are stopping us from moving to Canada any time soon, but it’s definitely something we want to research for the future. Now…we’re completely aware that we’d never be able to find somewhere to live near Banff or any other national park for that matter but we’d be more than happy in a random forest somewhere with scenic areas only a short road trip away.

Of course, this is where our log cabin idea comes into play again. Since we’ve come to terms with the fact that building a log cabin doesn’t seem very achievable in the next few years – we figure that Canada would be a perfect place to make it happen. That is of course if we are lucky enough to be able to afford and secure a plot of land. As you can imagine, this will take quite a lot of time and patience but hopefully we’ll be at a point in our lives where we’ll be better equipped to handle that kind of situation. Well…a girl can dream can’t she?


If you have any recommendations on where you think we could live – feel free to leave a comment so that we can have a look and see if it’s a place for us!