About Me


My name is Chloe, I met Jordan in Summer 2014 and we’ve been together ever since. After many late night discussions, we quickly realised that we shared the same dream of moving away and travelling the world, and neither of us had the patience to wait much longer. 2 years later and here we are…sat here in Germany, trying to find places to live and jobs to apply for, whilst feeling crazily excited about it all!

The plan for the foreseeable future is to pick a country, pack everything we own into our 4×4, and spend 1-2 years experiencing what that country has to offer before moving on to the next. While we’re there, we’ll explore different locations and I’ll document it all here for you to enjoy (and hopefully learn from). Our first stop was Salzburg, a small Austrian city bordering Germany which we chose due to it’s beautiful landscapes and central location. As well as this, it is a huge change from our home of Teesside in the North East of England. However, when this didn’t quite work out, we moved on to a place we had both wanted to move to from a young age – the busy capital city of Berlin.

I’ll document our experiences and thoughts leading up to each move and carry on when we’ve arrived. I’ll keep you updated on any adventures we go on and I’ll make sure to let you know of any issues we encounter in hopes of helping you avoid making the same mistakes we do.

What I would love is for you to help us along on this adventure in any way possible. Whether you want to tell us where you think we should go next and why, suggest hidden locations to visit if we’re in a place you know and love, or provide tips and suggestions on how we can travel more efficiently…it will all be appreciated!