A Leaving Present From Iceland


After what felt like the quickest five days ever, it was time to say goodbye to the beautiful country of Iceland. Since my parents’ flight was early in the morning, Jordan dropped them off at the airport while I waved yet another goodbye from the hotel car park. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to go along with them as we still had to pack and get ready before heading to the airport ourselves.

Even though our flight wasn’t until midnight, we were having to spend the day at Keflavik airport as we didn’t have enough money left to afford the incredibly high taxi prices. We didn’t really mind though, we both had so much work to do after five days of relaxation.

As we sat on the floor of the airport urging time to go a little faster, light turned to dark outside and suddenly a rush of people began to exit the main doors – cameras in hand. Leaving Jordan to look after our luggage, I decided to follow them and see what they were looking at. When I got outside, I was met by the lightest glow of greens and blues moving throughout the sky.

We weren’t in the best viewing position as we were surrounded by lights, making the Aurora Borealis so much harder to see and capture on camera. It was still such an incredibly surreal thing to witness and we were so lucky to see it on our last night and finally tick it off my ‘bucket list‘.

Aurora Borealis
Even though it’s not how we imagined seeing the Aurora Borealis – it was still such an incredible thing to witness on our last night in Iceland.


Our time in Iceland had been so wonderful and I have such a deep appreciation for the beautiful country and all it has to offer. I’m so grateful I was able to spend my 21st birthday in Iceland with the people I love most and I can’t wait to visit again.

Hopefully next time, Jordan and I can visit for a bit longer as we didn’t have anywhere near enough time to see 5% of the things we wanted to. We would love to road trip the ring road – Iceland’s main road that circles the full island and gives you a glimpse at some many of the country’s beautiful attractions.

For now, it’s back to Berlin to carry on with our expat adventures. Hopefully this time around, we’ll be able to find somewhere to live and myself a job so that some of our worries can disappear.


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