Landwehr Canal

The heat had reached 30° so the last thing I wanted to do was stay couped up inside all day. Our roommate had told me about a nearby canal that was perfect to visit in the summer. You can sit on the bank while the swans pass by and the occasional dingy full of drunk sunbathers floats along with music blasting.

I took the cramped U-Bahn to Schönleinstraße and followed the crowd towards Landwehr canal. The heat was something you’d expect to experience while laying by the pool in Greece or Spain, not while walking through a busy Berlin city centre. Everyone had changed into their summer clothes: shorts, summer dresses, crop tops or no top at all and friends were gathered around the water’s edge, listening to music and eating food from the nearby market.

Landwehr Market
The market was packed with fresh fruit and veg stalls, I would have bought it all had I brought any money along with me!

The market stalls followed the canal, selling everything from fresh fruit and veg, to fabrics and craft supplies. People squeezed through the crowds, eager to get their hands on the homemade juices and stone-baked pizzas.

With a backpack filled with a book, blanket and a lunchbox full of chopped mango – I took my place on a free piece of grass. The sun sat behind me and burned my shoulders as I sat and ate the mango and watched the passersby get attacked by swarms of green flies.

Just as our roommate had promised, swans made their way down the canal alongside tour boats filled with burnt-red tourists.

The swans were more than happy to pose for a few photos while they avoided the canal boats.

When my back began to get a little too hot, I walked around the canal and over the small bridge which brought me to the other side. After finding a slightly shaded spot through the trees, I laid down my blanket and dangled my feet over the edge.

The next hour or so was spent sunbathing, people-watching and attempting to read without falling asleep and rolling straight into the water. I only managed about three pages until a headache started to appear and I quickly gave up. I don’t know how people can read in such heat!

It’s such a shame Jordan had to work on such a beautiful day but this upcoming weekend is meant to be even hotter so we have an even better plan to enjoy the sun!


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