Europe to North America

Bridge Between Continents

It was our last full day in Iceland and there was one last attraction that we were determined to see before heading our separate ways. The ‘Bridge Between Continents’ is a small footbridge in the south-west of the country that passes between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, meaning you can technically walk from one continent to the next.

It was a pretty surreal and slightly amusing feeling as we walked across the bridge and crossed from Europe to North America. Being the child that I am, I of course just had to spend some time running from Europe to North America, and skipping from Europe to North America – it just had to be done. After crossing the bridge, you’re able to walk down into a small canyon which clearly shows the two tectonic plates continuously drifting apart from each other. Plus, the surrounding area is covered is different rock formations so if (like us) you don’t want to leave straight away, you can go and explore nearby.

Jordan in North America
Can you spot Jordan exploring North America while I’m still back in Europe?

“Exploring nearby” ended up taking a couple of hours in total. We decided to cross the main road and follow the sand dunes towards the sea, knowing it would be beautiful when we got there. However, as you probably know, sand dunes are hard to walk on and take so much energy so I’m not going to lie and say it was an easy walk. It certainly helped that I had the excuse of being designated-photographer, meaning I was able to stop to take photos when needed (a.k.a. when I needed to catch my breath).

Although the walk was hard, it was definitely worth it when we finally arrived to find a sandy beach waiting for us. Not the usual yellow sand though, this beach was a mixture of black and dark brown sand that looked beautiful against the bright blue of the sea water.

Black Sand Beach
Of course, Jordan made it to the beach at least ten minutes before everyone else…he’s not one for waiting around for us little-legged people.

When we got back to the car, we still had a couple of hours left to see what else we could find nearby. We drove to a group of old fisherman’s huts that were there specifically as attractions and had a wander around, taking some inspiration for a possible future build of our own. The little huts were so lovely, with black wooden exteriors and grassed roofs – exactly how I’d love our log cabin to look if we ever do build one.

The huts were opposite Keflavik’s Viking World where my parents had visited the day before we arrived. Rather than pay the £10 to make them sit outside and wait for us, we decided to skip the visit and walk down the pier instead. Not only did we get an lovely view of the Viking World from the pier, we also made friends with some seals who decided to entertain us for half and hour or so before taking off again.

Viking World
Although we didn’t enter Viking World, the outside was still pretty impressive – with a view of it’s famous Viking ship available straight through its floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

For our last night together in Iceland, everyone splurged a little and bought something to drink and as many snacks as we could afford before watching a much-loved family favourite…Friends. Since my parents were leaving early in the morning, we were driving them to the airport and dropping off the car there before our flight at around midnight. So we had to decide whether to stay at the airport all day, or spend an extortionate amount of money on taxis (which didn’t seem like the likely choice). We just hoped there’d be food at the airport!


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