A Day in Charlottenburg

As it started to get ever so slightly warmer, I decided to take a trip to Charlottenburg – somewhere I haven’t been since we came to Berlin in 2015. I took the U-Bahn to Wittenbergplatz which is a station at the very outskirts of Schöneberg, only a short walk to cross the border into Charlottenburg.

As I stepped out of the station, I was met by Berlin’s famous department store, the Kaufhaus Des Westerns (or KaDeWe). The KaDeWe is the second largest department store in Europe after Harrods in London so as you can imagine, it attracts a lot of people.

Since Tesla had one of their new cars sat in the entrance, available for you to sit in and let your children climb all over – the KaDeWe was even more busy than normal.

After wandering around the store and quickly understanding that I’d have to sell a limb to buy anything there, I headed into Charlottenburg. As I made my way there, I noticed a shop down a side street that Jordan and I had visited on our trip in 2014.

We had spent at least two hours in idee – a large creative shop that sells everything and anything from notepads and pens, to fabrics and threads. Since we’re self-diagnosed stationary addicts, it’s fair to say we loved that shop. I popped back in there to see if it was as good as I remembered (it was) but didn’t stay too long as I knew I’d end up buying 23 notebooks if I had the chance.

Once I had made my obligatory stop in the LEGO store, I continued my walk down the major shopping street of Tauentzienstrasse which eventually brought me to Bikini Haus. You wouldn’t guess from the name, but Bikini Haus  is simply another shopping complex but with a bit more of a twist, it’s full of pop-up shops made to look like boxes and quirky coffee shops and restaurants. Since I wasn’t visiting to shop and I certainly didn’t want any coffee, I spent most of my time feeling envious of the interior design and helping add to the origami art installation.

Origami Installation
The colours of the art installation looked beautiful in the centre of the building. You were even able to add to it with your own design!

You can walk out on to the open roof of the Bikini Haus where you’ll have a perfect view of what’s left of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church along with a big chunk of Charlottenburg, including some of the zoo. It’s a view that looks quiet strange compared to the rest of Berlin. Compared to other capital cities, I wouldn’t say that Berlin is much of a high-rise city but from this angle, you could definitely argue otherwise.

Everywhere you turn looks like a completely different city. It’s no wonder it’s deeming impossible to sink in that we live in Berlin.

Charlottenburg if one of my favourite districts in Berlin but that may be because it brings back memories of our first ever holiday together. If you’re looking to stay in a slightly safer area but still be near to restaurants, shops and tourist destinations, Charlottenburg may be the right district for you.


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