Our First Night Out

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For the following two weeks, we stayed in the Old Town Hostel which was located within the district of Prenzlauer Berg in the north-east of the city. It was within walking distance to Jordan’s new job (which he was enjoying…thank god) and was surrounded by plenty of quirky shops and cafés. Plus, the laundromat was only round the corner so I could get all of our washing done that had been quickly building up.

With Jordan now at work every day, I had a lot of time to put my head down and try and find us somewhere to live. My favourite place to do so was a coffee shop called Coffee Fellows on the corner of our street. The main reason it was my usual spot had to be the cream cheese bagels – I’m not even lying when I say I lived on those things for two weeks straight.

We ended up arranging a viewing of a little bedsit in Moabit – West Berlin. Yet again, we visited, we were given the impression we had it, but of course, it fell through last minute. It’s becoming quite comical how many times this has happened to us but never mind, it could be worse.

Octopus Street Art
Berlin has some of the most amazing street art I’ve ever seen.

The hostel we were staying in was really nice. We hadn’t been looking forward to the shared bathroom but it wasn’t an issue at all. They were kept so pristine that it felt as if it were only us using them anyway! The shared kitchen was an absolute live-safer. We could finally cook a proper meal (and by that I mean pasta) once I had finished off my cream cheese bagel lunch.

Just before we left Prenzlauer Berg, we decided to treat ourselves to our first night out in Berlin since arriving. Jordan had walked past hundreds of bars and clubs lining the streets on his walk to and from work every day, so we headed straight onto his usual route. Since it was around midnight on a Friday (we had decided to go out after Jordan had come back from a few drinks at work) the streets were full of people and all of the bars were completely crammed. We walked as far as we could until we came to a place that seemed to play music we liked and had enough room to breathe.

When we eventually made it inside after the ‘one in, one out’ door policy, we were met by a wall of heat and sweat that I had definitely not missed since the last time we ventured out (why do I sound so old?).

We had a good night and the place (I’ll let you know what it was called when I find that out myself) was a really cool venue and I’d like to go back again, maybe just when it’s a little less crammed. Everyone was packed in like sardines and unless you were willing to cosy up to a stranger, there was no way you were getting a seat and don’t even contemplate a dance…and what else are nights out really for?

The two weeks in Prenzlauer Berg had gone really fast and I was actually a little gutted to leave. I had loved the area and even the hostel we had stayed in so I didn’t really want to leave but the price had nearly doubled so we had to.

We were heading to a hotel in the district of Pankow, not far from the Old Town Hostel but a bit further from the centre of the city. Pankow was yet another part of Berlin we were yet to explore so that was definitely a big positive that was materialising from the constant moving. We were getting to see places we might not have ever seen had we found a flat straight away. I was kind of getting used to the whole moving around thing as well to be honest. Although, that’s probably because I’m too weak to carry the heavy bag around everywhere like Jordan has to do every time we hop to a new place…


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