Beautiful Bungalow in Mahlsdorf

The week we spent at Hotel Pankow was nice as it was yet another part of the city we had been yet to see, however, the hotel itself was fairly out of the way with nothing to really do or see nearby. Thankfully, there was an S-Bahn station 15 minutes down the road so Jordan could still make it to work OK and I could make my way into the city centre if I wanted to.

To be honest, it was a pretty uneventful week. I had dedicated it to applying for jobs/apartments and keeping on top of Where To Next? (although it may not seem like it) so sight-seeing was last on my to-do list for a little while. The only time I really got to see Pankow was when I took the clothes to the laundromat. There wasn’t a laundromat near the hotel so I had to catch the S-Bahn with a backpack full of dirty clothes…attractive. The area that the laundromat was in was actually the centre of Pankow and a pretty nice area. I dropped my clothes in and went for a wander but apart from the lovely tree-lined streets, there wasn’t that much to see.

Back at the laundromat, I had a bit of a slow moment where the machine ate my money (my fault, not the machine’s – it blatantly said in big letters “GIVE CORRECT CHANGE”). After a very lovely but awkward encounter with a non-English speaking German guy trying to help and another German guy who spoke perfect English attempting to translate for us…I eventually just had to lose the €5 and pay for my ticket back to the hotel with coppers.

After a very uneventful week, we headed to our next destination – an Airbnb in Mahlsdorf. It would take Jordan an hour each way to get to and from work but it was the cheapest we could find at such late notice. Plus, it was outside of the Umwelt Zone so we could pick up Sirius on the way.

Sirius in Driveway with Trees
We were so happy to have Sirius back with us now that we were back outside of the Umwelt Zone.

The Airbnb was so much nicer than we had hoped and thankfully, we had booked a full two weeks there. It was a little bungalow in a very pretty town on the outskirts of Berlin. The roads were cobbled (no scootering for me) and lined with trees and it was so quiet compared to everywhere else we had been. You could easily forget you were in Berlin, which we did many times.

The bungalow itself was gorgeous, especially outside. Our lovely hosts (that’s what they’re called with Airbnb), Gabriele and Michael, lived next door on the other side of the garden. Since Michael’s hobby was collecting Koi fish, there was a beautiful pond outside our front door, full of Koi fish with fountains and a bridge to walk over it. It was so nice to sit out there when the sun was out and watch the fish. It may not sound very interesting but these were some of the biggest pond fish I had ever seen! The bungalow was down a narrow side street so we rarely saw anyone else or heard any noise unless we ventured out, it was so peaceful.

Tree-lined Street
The street we were staying on was so pretty and peacefully quiet, we would definitely find somewhere to live there if it wasn’t so far away from the centre.

We were so glad we got a full two weeks in the bungalow and were devastated when we attempted to re-book for the following week and it was fully booked for the next two months. It turned out it was always fulled booked and we were just extremely lucky to get it at such short notice like we did. If you’re planning a trip to Berlin some time in the future, be sure to check out Gabriele and Michael’s place!


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  1. Is that the place you videoed and sent me ?? X

    1. Yes it is, it was so pretty! x

  2. I realise why you didn’t get replies I didn’t send them ha ha ha x x

    1. Haha I should have guessed <3 x

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