7 Countries in 4 Days

Edinburgh Airport

Taking four hour-long stops along the way, traffic turned what should have been a tedious 16-hour drive into a 25-hour journey from hell (OK, maybe that’s a little bit dramatic…I’m sure there’s been worse – I could have been driving). We finally arrived in Teesside on Thursday evening after driving through five different countries and only getting lost once. We were staying with Jordan’s parents during both nights that we were home since my parents had already made their way to Iceland. When we arrived, I’ve genuinely never seen anyone as happy as when Jordan’s mam opened the door and saw him standing there – it was so sweet.

After a relaxed Thursday night catching up with sleep – Friday was completely hectic. We had so many people to see and not enough time to see them. Plus, we still needed to buy waterproof clothing for Iceland. Since my friends don’t live near, we didn’t have time to see them but thankfully, Jordan’s friends live only a few minutes from his parent’s house so they were coming over along with his sister for a few hours that night. On top of that, we wanted to see Jordan’s Grandma and Grandad, his Grannie, my brother and my Nanna (for as long as possible) so we didn’t get much time with anyone at all.

It was a crazy few days: from beginning the drive home to leaving Teesside again but we both agreed it was 100% worth it. Even if it was sad to say bye to everyone again (sorry Karen…you crazy hen lady)!

Four Hens
While Jordan’s away and his sister is busy, his mam looks after her other children…her hens.

We set off to Edinburgh first-thing Saturday morning with only a few hours sleep between us. Taking two trains and a tram, it took nearly four hours to get to Edinburgh airport but we still had plenty of time to spare before we needed to board the plane. Over a Starbucks Marmite and cheese muffin (you have no idea how much I’ve missed Marmite), we realised something pretty crazy. Over the course of four days, we would have touched ground in seven different countries: Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, England, Scotland and Iceland.

Thankfully, while discussing all that we’ve done so far – from driving through a pretty large chunk of Central Europe, to staying in 17 different hotels in the space of three months – the plane journey went reasonably quickly and before we knew it, we were about to land in Iceland.


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