To the Big City

Bayreuth Bridge

We had decided to leave Salzburg and try our luck with Berlin instead and to be completely honest – we were pretty excited about it. Don’t get me wrong, our time in Salzburg was amazing but we just didn’t fall in love with the city like we had hoped. Salzburg is such a beautiful place seeped in culture and I recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to visit. However, it just wasn’t a place we could see ourselves living in unless we were outside of the city, which would be way too inconvenient when we finally got jobs.

The day we decided to leave Salzburg, Jordan took a head start and began applying for as many jobs in Berlin as he could. We were over the moon when he got a reply from two of those companies just a few hours later, attempting to organise a telephone interview for the next day. To make sure that we weren’t on the road during his interviews (it would take us two days to drive to Berlin), we booked two more nights in a hotel on the outskirts of the city.

Our final day in Salzburg was spent in a hotel room while Jordan spoke with different Berlin-based companies on the phone. A few hours of interviews later and we realised that we had made the right choice. Within 48 hours of applying, Jordan had passed through two stages of an interview process and a company was now offering to cover our petrol for our journey to Berlin so that they could meet Jordan in person.

Midday of the following morning, we set off on the first leg of our journey. I had booked a hotel halfway between the two cities, in a small town called Bayreuth, in the state of Bavaria. It took us nearly four hours to get there by which time it was dark and too late for us to explore the small town. We decided to spend the night researching Berlin (apartment/job hunting, finding out about their tax system etc) and wait until the morning to quickly wander through the town before we set off on our final leg.

Bayreuth Street
I loved the cobbled streets in Bayreuth…apart from when I nearly knocked my teeth out while riding the scooter down them.

After an extra-cosy night’s sleep in the Apart-Hotel First Boarding (only downside was getting trapped in the bathroom on two different occasions when the sliding door got stuck), we headed out with scooter in tow, ready to explore Bayreuth as quickly as we could. Since it was a Sunday, as with most of Germany, the town was eerily quiet* which I loved. There were barely any tourists – apart from ourselves of course – which meant I didn’t have to wait 20 minutes to get a photo without someone wandering into the frame. What we saw of the town was beautiful and I recommend visiting, even if it’s simply stopping for a few hours while you’re passing through, it’s definitely worth it for the impressive traditional architecture and pretty public parks.

Bayreuth Park
The parks in Bayreuth were the perfect place to take a relaxing walk. I think they were my favourite thing about the town.

We didn’t get to spend long in Bayreuth, especially since we weren’t able to drive straight to the hotel in Berlin. As we had discovered with Cologne and Frankfurt, Berlin was in the Umwelt Zone, meaning we couldn’t drive our car directly into the city. Instead, we had found a train station car park outside of the city where we could leave our car, then we would have to carry as many of our belongings as we could from there.

Thankfully, this all went to plan and we eventually made it to our hotel in the heart of Berlin. By this point, it was the middle of the night and Jordan was exhausted from all of the driving he had done so we had yet another early night to make up for it. As you can tell, we don’t have the social lives of usual twenty-somethings in a big city…but we really don’t mind. I’d much prefer being in bed by nine with a book or my Netflix account than the alternative any day!

I think I’m a twenty year-old, anti-social Grandma. Mission accomplished!


*For those of you that don’t already know, Germany and Austria have a law in place that means most shops (I’ve seen major chains open in big cities) are closed all day on Sundays so don’t expect to be doing any clothes shopping and make sure you buy all the food you need on Saturday. 


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