Should We Leave Salzburg?

Mirabell Hohensalzburg

We stayed in our new hotel for a total of two nights. This gave us some time to relax after everything that had just happened.

The day after the car got stuck, we needed to decide what our next plan of action would be. To be perfectly honest – we were beginning to worry. We had told ourselves before setting off that if one of us hadn’t found a job or we hadn’t found somewhere to live within one month, we would move on to somewhere else. I know it sounds dramatic but living in hotels meant we were burning through our savings and had no income to build them back up again. The last thing we wanted was to completely run out of money and have to go back home.

To clear our heads, we decided to take a walk through the Mirabell Gardens. We had heard so much about them and wanted to make sure we saw them soon in case we did end up leaving Salzburg.

Schloss Mirabell
Schloss Mirabell (Mirabell Palace) attracts a lot of attention for its beautiful gardens and for appearing as the back drop for several scenes of The Sound of Music.

Mirabell Palace and the surrounding gardens are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attract a lot of attention from tourists from all over the world due to the surrounding gardens being the back drop for many scenes of The Sound of Music. For those of you who are fans of the film – you’ll recognise it from the scene where Maria and the Von Trapp children sing ‘Do-Re-Mi’ while dancing around a fountain and walking up the palace steps. The area can supposedly get pretty hectic in the summertime but thankfully, it was quiet when we walked through the grounds in the winter. However, the downside of visiting in the winter is that the snow covers most of the gardens, meaning you can’t see the bright green colours, blooming flowers and impressive water features that come to life later in the year.

Oh, and while you’re there, be sure to find the strangely out-of-place unicorn statues. If anyone knows why these statues are of unicorns and not just horses…please let me know because I’m yet to get an answer!

Unicorn Statue
Be sure to check out the unicorn statues at the entrance of the gardens and try not to laugh at their weirdly shaped horns…

Our walk took us alongside the beautiful Salzach which separates the two halves of Salzburg. The snow was beginning to melt and the river was no longer frozen over. Greenery had began to make an appearance along the water’s edge making us realise we were being so stupid when we thought it wouldn’t look as nice covered in snow. I will mention however, that it is quite surreal to look towards one end of the river and then turn and look at the other. You’d think you were looking at two completely different cities – one cultural and colourful, the other industrial and slightly more grey.

Salzach Views
It’s strange to see the view as you look down either end of the river – as if somehow you were looking at two completely different cities.

As I mentioned, we took this walk to clear our heads and discuss our options. To remove all of the boring ifs, buts, pros and cons – I’ll skip straight to the end result for you. We decided to move on from Salzburg. The big question was of course…where to next? And we both knew the answer before either of us opened our mouths…Berlin.


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  1. Awesome Chloe.. I really want to go to Salzburg …. just because of the sound of music and you two x

    1. Thank you! You’d absolutely love it!! So pretty and relaxed, no one’s in a rush and you can just sit back and enjoy 🙂 x

  2. Ohhhh… and the adventure continues!! What a pair of blooming inspirations you two!! x

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