The Living Wall

Living Wall

After checking out of the Novum Hotel, we set off towards Jordan’s meeting. He had been told it would take about 4 hours altogether so I decided to spend those hours in Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus. Thankfully, it was on the way to the office so I left Jordan halfway after wishing him luck and crossing all of my fingers and toes.

As always, I was starving by the time I sat down so I decided to check out the in-house restaurant to see if the prices were reasonable. I was just in time to make it for the breakfast menu and of course, I just had to get the fruit salad. As you may already know, I’m an unbelievably picky eater and pretty much live on pasta, pizza, fruit, some veg and the big one…cheese. As you can imagine, it causes quite a lot of issues when it comes to finding somewhere to eat. I had hit the jackpot finding something I loved at the first place I went to!

Fruit Salad
Behold! The prettiest fruit salad I’ve ever seen (and I’ve eaten A LOT of them)!

Not only was the fruit salad incredible and the most aesthetically pleasing dish I’ve ever seen – the restaurant itself was even more impressive. Covering one end of the room, reaching 3 floors up, was a gigantic living wall. If you haven’t seen a living wall before, it’s a wall that is covered in live grass and/or plants which normally look as if they make up the wall itself. This particular one had water trickling down into a pond at the bottom with little fish swimming about. I was lucky enough to nab a seat right next to it and it was even more epic up close. I can’t wait to go back with Jordan one day and I 100% recommend to visit for a meal if you’re ever in Berlin. I’ll definitely be taking family and friends whenever they visit!

Living Wall
The living wall reached up three floors and was covered head to toe in a selection of plants.

The next few hours were spent in the English section of Dussmann. One of the great things about this place is that you’re encouraged to take a pick from the selection of books and just sit down and relax. There’s seating area dotted all over the building that you’ll see people sat in for hours at a time, enjoying their favourite novel or sampling the different books, trying to decide which to buy. I was one of those people – spending hours getting lost in hardbacks, classics and ‘Cabin Porn’* and 4 hours flew by in what felt like a few minutes. Looks like I had unintentionally put off wandering around the city on my own for another time. My bad…books are distracting! Hopefully Jordan got the job and I’d get plenty of other opportunities while he’s at work.

I arrived at our meeting point (a McDonald’s under the S-Bahn station) a little early so I grabbed a drink and tried to stop my stomach from doing anymore somersaults while waiting to hear the news. He walked in with a neutral expression on his face so I immediately thought the worst. He said that it went well but they wanted him to go back in the next day for another interview. Although this was nowhere near as bad as just not getting the job, I was a bit disheartened. It meant yet another day of not knowing and putting more effort into something that may not work out.

Of course, knowing Jordan like I do, I should have known he was winding me up. He had been offered the job and was starting immediately! I’m not going to lie, a little tear did very nearly escape – it was incredible news. We would now have money coming in rather than watching our savings disappear before our eyes. Plus, it confirmed to us that even if we didn’t find an apartment for a few more months, we were staying in Berlin…well, at least for now.

Now it’s just me left to find a job…


*Please check this book out if you haven’t done so already or if you can’t at the moment, check out their Instagram page: @cabinporn for some “inspiration for your quiet place somewhere”.


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  1. Frances Wainwright says: Reply

    At your recommendation I am reading The Book Thief whilst en route to meeting you both in Iceland. Only 3 months since we saw you and many video calls but still missing your presence….see you soon x

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