What a View!

During our stay at the lovely Elisabeth’s, we were invited to meet Betty. Betty was someone that we had contacted back in England about renting a room off of her as she had advertised the space on a site we had frequently visited. Unfortunately, shortly after we messaged her, she advised that the room had already been taken and she had left the ad up online by mistake. From then on, we were getting emails from Betty every now and again, giving us tips on who to speak to about available properties and wanting updates on how everything was going. When she invited us to her house so that we could finally meet, we jumped at the opportunity and drove the forty minutes back into the city.

As we neared Betty’s house, we were getting closer and closer to the Untersberg – a huge mountain separating Austria and Germany, made famous to some by being sang upon in The Sound of Music. By the time we arrived at her house, we had a perfectly clear view of the Untersberg and we were both instantly devastated that we weren’t able to rent the room.


As soon as we met Betty and her cute-as-pie dog, Nina, we instantly felt so welcome and comfortable around them both. After showing us to the lovely spread she had prepared of cakes, biscuits and tea, she asked us to tell her our story.

The three of us sat for an hour or two, sharing stories of our past and our reasons for being in Salzburg (Betty is an American but has lived in Salzburg for nearly thirty years). Of course, her stories were a lot more interesting than ours so we sat and listened in awe as she spoke of her childhood in Africa and her many years as a professional pianist. Once we had shared our very diverse stories, Betty explained to us that she was going to Vienna for 3 nights with her piano students later on in the week and asked if we would be willing to stay at her place while she was away to look after Nina. Nina is old and Betty’s other tenants were very busy at University so she would need us to walk her. We would still pay but at least it would give us a proper house to stay in, even if it was just for a few nights.

We still had two more days at Elisabeth’s before we would be going over to Betty’s so we spent it enjoying our ‘tiny house’, watching The Hobbit and as always…searching for jobs and a permanent home.


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