The Perfect Home

The Airbnb we had chosen to stay in for the next week was a forty minute drive outside of the city centre and a three minute drive from the Austria-Germany border (we could literally walk from Austria to Germany and back…how surreal). When we arrived, we met Elisabeth, the woman who’s apartment we were renting and who was hands down one of the loveliest people I’ve ever come across. She couldn’t speak much English and our German is even worse but she was one of those people where you could tell by the look on her face that they are a genuinely kind person.

She showed us around the apartment which was attached to her house but completely private with a separate entrance. It reminded us of a ‘tiny house’ as they had obviously used A LOT of wood to turn one room into a apartment with a fully equipped kitchen and living room included. It was perfect for me as I’ve been going on at Jordan for so long about how I want to live in a ‘tiny house’ on wheels as I love small spaces…they’re just so cosy and warm. Jordan on the other hand loves the idea of it but at 6’5″, is pretty sure it’d cause him some serious long-term back troubles if he’s in one for any longer than a week. I suppose that’s a fair argument.

Right outside of the front door was a partly-frozen stream, pine trees and old-fashioned Austrian cabins. It was a beautiful thing to wake up to and just like everything else in Salzburg, I’d love to see it in the height of summer.


At the start of our week at Elisabeth’s, I received an email from a landlady we had contacted, confirming a time that we could view her apartment. This time around, we didn’t get excited or expect anything special…we had learned our lesson. However, that all changed when during the drive, no matter how hard we tried, the closer we got to the apartment, the more the excitement started to reappear. The scenery had changed from residential and chaotic to peaceful and still, with snow-covered rolling hills, log cabins and dense forests. This was exactly where we would want to live in Austria if we had our way.

After driving down a dirt track and passing several Grand Design-style converted barns, we pulled up at a horse stable. Both of us love horses (and pretty much every other animal) so when we realised that the property was surrounded by around fifty horses, we knew this was the one we HAD to get.

We were met by the landlady who showed us around the property. It was a 2-room apartment which isn’t the same as a 2-bedroom flat back home. Similar to a lot of Europe, 2-room means one bedroom with one kitchen/living area. The walls surrounding the kitchen were all covered in windows, meaning we had a incredible view from the kitchen. There was a balcony attached with a view of the horse-fields and a private garden with a vegetable patch all ready to use. As I said…we HAD to get this (even if it was pink).


We were then told that there were three other couples interested in the property, therefore, it would take 1-2 weeks for her to make a decision and get back to us. I knew instantly that there was no way she would pick us. More than likely, the other couples that were interested would be Austrian and that of course, would give them the upper-hand.

You’d think I would have learned not to get my hopes up by now!


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  1. OMG! A pink flipping house!! I am having a Where to Next binge this eve!! Love your writing 🙂 x

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