Our Luck Has Changed

It had been nearly two weeks since we had been for a viewing around the apartment surrounded by horse-fields and we still hadn’t heard anything back from the landlady. By this point, we were 100% sure that one of the other couples had been picked instead of us so we reluctantly pushed it out of our minds and tried our best to book some more viewings. Luckily for us, someone got back to me about an apartment I had inquired about, letting us know that we can come and view her apartment two days later. It wasn’t the best-looking apartment but it was certainly good enough for us (even if it was slightly out of our price range).

One night while Jordan was busy with his freelance work and I was trying to finish a 1000-piece jigsaw that I had started that morning (we live crazy lives as you can tell), I received an email from the landlady that read:

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you, we were busy skiing. The apartment is free so when are you available to move in?”

As you can imagine, the mixture of shock and pure joy was pretty overwhelming so as soon as I stopped shaking, I thanked her, told her we’d let her know in the morning and called my parents to tell them the good news. The reason I couldn’t let her know of the date we could move in straight away was due to the fact we had already agreed with Betty that we would stay with her until the start of March, meaning that if we left any earlier, she wouldn’t receive the rent from us that she was expecting. The last thing we wanted to do was cause Betty any stress or end on bad terms after everything that she had done for us. We decided to check with Betty to see what she would prefer before we confirmed a move in date.

The following morning was the first chance we had to tell her the news. When we explained the situation and told her that we would never have agreed to stay throughout February if we had known we were going to get this apartment – she was completely understanding. We told her that if it was OK with her, we would like to stay to help Jinho move out just as we had promised. She agreed with that idea and we came to a joint decision that we’d move out the day after Jinho. This would mean that she would get more money than if we were to leave straight away, she would have more time to find a new tenant and it would give us longer to look for furniture for the new apartment.

It took us so long to finally get to sleep that night. We couldn’t stop looking at photos of our new home, deciding what we were going to buy to furnish it and betting on who we thought would visit first (my bets are still on my parents…don’t let me down)! We couldn’t believe that in just a few days, we would be moving into our own place and would officially be able to say…”We live in Salzburg”.


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