Friends in Salzburg

The day had arrived for Jinho to move out of Betty’s house and move into her new student accommodation. We packed all of her 109 bags (there might as well have been) into the back of the car and waited as she said her goodbyes to Betty and Nina. Just before we were about to leave, Jinho handed me her scooter that she had been using to make the journey to the bus a bit quicker every morning. Thinking she had forgotten to pack it, I started for the car when she stopped me and explained that she wanted me to have it as a thank you for helping her move. Although we weren’t seeking or expecting any payment for our help, she insisted that I take it…how sweet is that?! We couldn’t help but laugh when we tried to imagine all 6’5″ of Jordan attempting to ride it without it looking as though it had come from a doll’s house.

Jinho’s new apartment was really nice and modern which was a change from Betty’s house (the modern part, not the nice part…Betty’s house is unreal)! It was a lot closer to the Mozarteum than she had been meaning she wouldn’t have to get the bus every day, she knew a few of the people already living in the building and she had her own space including a bathroom, kitchen and Juliette balcony. We could tell straight away that she was happy with how it looked but slightly worried about the noise and the fact that she no longer had a piano to practice on every day. Before we left, we explained to Jinho that she was always welcome to come and stay with us to get away for a bit and she said the same to us. She insisted that we meet her friends from the University and told us of a lovely Italian restaurant that we should go to very soon. If there’s one type of food that I do LOVE, it’s Italian food!

It was pretty hard to say goodbye to her since we had became accustomed to seeing her every day but we knew that we’d definitely stay in touch. It was only a 25 minute drive from our new apartment to hers which isn’t a long journey to make to see a friend.

Once the goodbyes were over, Jordan and I headed to WABE – a secondhand furniture shop that had been recommended to us by Gabrielle at The English Center. She told us that we might find some cheap furniture there that is a bit different to what we may find at IKEA. After hunting around for a little while trying to find it, we eventually came across it behind some buildings away from the main road. As soon as we saw the building, we both agreed how much it reminded us of Berlin (industrial building covered in graffiti and slightly resembling a slaughterhouse) and it made us slightly miss Berlin as we have visited before, both together and separately and fell in love with it. Hopefully we’ll get to visit again soon.

Although there was nothing there that was suitable for us at the time, we saw so many amazing pieces that we’d love to go back for when we have a bit more money. As Gabrielle had said, it you buy your furniture and decorations from WABE, you are bound to get a unique item that you won’t find in anyone else’s home. I’d definitely recommend going there if you are looking to decorate!

When Jordan and I were back in England thinking about what it was going to be like to live in another country, we were sure that making new friends was the last thing on our minds and that it was unlikely to happen. We knew that we’d meet some awesome people during our time there but we never thought we’d meet people who we would stay in touch with. To have only been in Salzburg for one month and already met people that we knew we’d keep in contact with was pretty unexpected for us and we are so grateful to have met them and heard their stories.


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