Back to Square One

On the morning before we were meant to move into our new home, I had never been so excited in all of my life. It didn’t feel real and I was so scared that something was going to go wrong because as I kept saying, that was “just our luck” – says the person who just moved to Austria with no real worries.

To get some of the excitement out, we decided to take a walk (without Nina this time) to the bottom of the Untersberg and back. We would have taken the cable car to the top had we not decided to go to IKEA that afternoon to shop for furniture. Jinho had shown me the trail when we had taken our walk which had followed the stream in the opposite direction. Supposedly, this route is the most beautiful hiking path in the area so we decided to give it a shot and hope that I didn’t give up halfway (which is a lot more likely that you’d think).

We walked alongside a partly-frozen stream which ran directly through a forest filled with abandoned log cabins big enough to live in – reminding us of one of our ideas for our next big adventure (I’ll go into more detail another time but for now, just know it’s log cabin related).


By the time we had made our way to the bottom of the Untersberg, we had been walking for about an hour and a half. I’m pretty sure if anyone else was walking it, it would take less than half of that time but I can’t help myself and need to stop and take photos every two minutes…sorry Jordan! One thing I did come across while I was at a stop was the snow. It sounds weird since we had been surrounded by it for nearly a month and it would have been hard not to spot it earlier, but this snow was different. I’m presuming it was because it was extra cold and the snow had been untouched for so long but you could see each individual snowflakes so perfectly…it looks insane and nothing like I’d ever seen in the two inches of snow we ever have back in England.


Once we had amused ourselves making ‘snow angels’ (a.k.a. throwing ourselves into the snow face first) and crossing an iced-over section of the stream after we have taken a wrong turn, we made our way back to Betty’s just in time to head to IKEA. I don’t understand how anyone could dislike IKEA – I could genuinely spend hours in the place, I’m a little obsessed! We bought pretty much everything we urgently needed; a mattress, pillows, two glasses, two plates, two knives, two forkes etc…just the essentials. I guess visitors will have to bring their own cutlery.

That evening, as a treat before we left, Betty finally played the piano for us. We couldn’t believe how talented she was and we listened intently, trying to ingrain it into our memory so that we would never forget it once we had left. She even played Bella’s Lullaby and for those of you that know what that is, you can imagine the flashbacks I had to being 14 again.

After listening to Betty play for a while, my phone buzzed. The landlady had emailed me earlier in the day telling us to bring our contracts of employment when we arrived. I had emailed her straight back explaining what I had told her at the flat viewing – that we had only just arrived here and were yet to find jobs, but had more than enough savings to cover the monthly payments. After hearing my phone buzz, I simply presumed it was her replying that she had forgotten and maybe asking us to bring a bank statement as proof. Instead, this is was I read:

“Now we have a problem. We have had a lot of bad experiences in the past and don’t want to get some troubles in the future so I can’t give you the apartment. I am so sorry and wish you all the best.”




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