We’re Finally on the Road!

The day finally came for us to begin our journey to Austria. I’m not going to lie, it was the most stressful morning of my life so far and I’m glad it’s over. We still needed to box up our belongings and put them in the car, pick up our Euros, pick up Meg (my friend who came along on the journey), fit a new headlight and then visit my Nanna to say goodbye. All of this needed to be done in the space of about 3 hours…you can see why it was a nightmare.

Thankfully, apart from issues with the headlight, a few stress-related arguments and certain items not being able to fit in the car; nothing went majorly wrong and we were on the road by 14.30 (only half an hour later than planned). After a tearful goodbye to my Nanna, we followed my parents’ car* all the way to Newcastle and waited to board the ferry.


*Just in case I hadn’t mentioned previously, my parents came on the first leg of the journey to see us off from Amsterdam.

It was my first time on a ferry but I knew what to expect from my many journeys on ships in the past (long story, definitely for another time). Thankfully, this knowledge coupled with sea-sickness tablets meant I didn’t spend the full night with my head hanging overboard. I spent most of the trip eating burned popcorn, laughing at the horrendous entertainment and trying not to roll out of top bunk. Jordan on the other hand, had a lot more fun than everyone else. Beating the high scores on the arcade games and taking his chances in the on-board casino.

It was definitely a stressful day, but we knew it was going to be. We were moving to another country; not down the road. We needed to make sure everything was covered and nothing was looked over.

If I could give any advice about travelling on a ferry, it would be take your own food! Meg and I decided to venture off and find some (as always). We bought a plate of chips each which ended up costing €14 in total. If I could go back, I’d definitely take some sort of packed lunch with me. I’d advise you to do the same if you’re short on money when you go.


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  1. Frances Wainwright says: Reply

    Everything on the ferry was expensive. We bought two sandwiches they were €18 and weren’t particularly nice. Travelling home after leaving you all in Europe was depressing so when they announced the live band would be on soon we decided to call it a night. We too want to return to Amsterdam such a lovely city.

    1. It certainly was, you’d think they were carrying us across an ocean or something!
      We should definitely go back in the summertime❤

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