Isle of Sky – Glencoe

After a delicious fruit salad for breakfast at the Edinbane Inn, we started our long journey back to Glencoe. We were dreading the drive but couldn’t wait to get back to mainland Scotland to do some more exploring. Thankfully, the drive back took nowhere near as long as the drive there (or at least it didn’t feel that way) and we were back in Glencoe with plenty of sunlight to spare.

The first thing we wanted to do was the drive to Glen Etive. The route starts around 10 miles outside of Glencoe Village and continues along the River Etive for another 10 miles before arriving at the loch. As it is a backdrop for the James Bond film, Skyfall, it has become quite a popular tourist destination over the years so it took a while to make our way down the single track road. However, having to stop numerous times along the way wasn’t something to complain about since every passing place is next to a picturesque river/mountain scene.



The drive was incredible and we had so much fun skidding around in the 4×4 on the wet gravel . We drove as far as we could with the diesel that we had, before heading back to Glencoe to find a campsite to park up in. We spent a little while contemplating renting a camping pod for the night but decided against it when the only one we could find that was still available was a 20 minute drive outside of the village and next to an abandoned power station that looked like it had come straight out of a scene of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Instead, we opted for a campsite we drove past on the way into Glencoe named Red Squirrel Campsite.


Unlike the last site we stayed in, this one was enclosed within the trees and sat at the foot of a mountain (which was slightly scary as there were ‘rock-fall’ caution signs everywhere). Due to the time of year, it was empty apart from two other families and ourselves – so we had loads of choice when it came to where to park up for the night. After changing our minds too many times, we ended up in an area next to a stream and a family of deer, crossing our fingers and hoping they wouldn’t decide to headbutt our car during the night!


Rather than going out to eat, Jordan lit a fire, made us some food and we ate in our new home-on-wheels. Apart from the lack of space, it was quite cosy in there and a lot warmer than it would have been if we were sat outside. After a few games of DC Comics Top Trumps, we made sure to lock the doors manually this time…and went to sleep with makeshift bin bag curtains sellotaped to the windows.


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