1 Month to Go!

With exactly 1 month to go before we set off on our “Great Austrian Adventure”, things are starting to sink in that we have so much left to do before we go. We are yet to book any accommodation for the journey there, sort through our belongings ready to pack, or buy any winter clothes for the inevitable freezing temperatures. To put it calmly…we’re slightly unorganised.

The only good thing about having so much left to sort out is that it is keeping my mind from lingering on the fact that we’ll be leaving almost everything behind when we go. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the sentimental type and anyone who knows me is aware that if I could live on a desolate island in the middle of nowhere, I would do it without hesitation. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to miss anyone/anything while we’re away (I’m not as emotionless as Jordan).

I’ll have to say that as a self-proclaimed ‘cat lady’, I’m not ashamed to admit that my two cats are pretty high on my ‘Who I’ll Miss’ list. Pepsi and Maxxi have been our family cats for the last seven years and annoying them every day is one of my favourite pastimes. “Annoying” meaning following them around with a camera all day while I video their very own “Day in the Life of…” – (I hope) cat owners will understand.

pepsi1 maxxi1

There are two main things I’m trying not to panic about now that we’ve hit the month mark. Surprisingly, it’s not the lack of money we’ve saved or the worry that we won’t find jobs quick enough. Instead, the first is that we’ve known we are moving to Austria for a very long time, yet neither of us have took the time to learn any of the language. We have always said how we’re going to take the time to sit down and do an hour per night of German practice so that we could at least order our own food at a restaurant but we can’t even do that. Unlike Jordan, I did GCSE German and I am hoping that this comes in handy when we go but I doubt the waiter/waitress will be asking me how many brothers and sisters I have or what my favourite animal is (es ist eine Fledermaus)!

The second thing I’m trying to keep calm about it how unfit I am – you could say too calm since I ate a packet of Jaffa Cakes last night and a packet of Chocolate Fingers the night before. If you read my ‘Glencoe – Teesside’ post you’d know that walking up a slight incline for more than a minute very nearly caused me to throw up while we were recently in Scotland, so to say that I am ‘unfit’ is a very big understatement. To be perfectly honest, I have always been pretty content with how unfit I am, but now all I can think of is all the things I’m going to miss out on because of it!

Hiking up an Austrian mountain isn’t going to be half as fun when I make it ten steps up and have to be air-lifted back down again!

Although I am slightly worried about these things, the worry is minuscule compared to the amount of excitement I’m feeling that we only have a month left to wait. Since my best friend, Meg, is coming along on the trip with us, we’ve organised a meet-up to plan everything out and get even more excited before we go. I’ll let you know what we plan to do and keep you up to date on all of the crazy thoughts I have as it leads up to the big date!


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