Isle of Skye

After a well-deserved sleep in, we grabbed some breakfast from the local Co-Op and made our way north to explore the island. The rain was quite heavy but we made sure to layer up with thermals and waterproofs, determined not to let it ruin our day.

We decided to try and find some of the waterfalls that had been recommended online. Waterfalls are definitely one of my favourite things to visit at the moment as the sheer power of them is utterly breathtaking to witness and the surrounding areas are commonly rampant with life. There wasn’t a direct route taking us to the waterfall on our sat nav so we simply drove in the direction that we knew they were in and hoped for the best. Eventually, we came to a larger-than-normal parking bay which seemed to indicate that there was a rather popular tourist attraction nearby so we parked up and took the short walk across a hillside to get to the viewpoint.


Once we reached the destination, we looked back towards the car to find Lealt Falls right beneath the road we drove on. It was definitely the biggest waterfall I had ever seen and the autumnal colours surrounding it made the view ten times better.


Once we had finished exploring the surrounding area and reading up on the 5 hour walk you can do around the adjacent falls (NO thank you), we headed back to the car and travelled further north. After a very short drive, we came to Mealt Falls. When we arrived at the viewpoint, we witnessed the most dramatic waterfall pouring over the edge of the cliff-face, straight into the sea.


By the time we arrived back at the Inn, it was nearly time to eat so we sat downstairs next to the fire, talked, ate, played cards and enjoyed our last night before heading back to Glencoe the next morning for our final night on the road.

I loved how relaxing and slow-paced it was in Skye and I’m glad we experienced it. However, I’m sure I don’t speak for everyone when I say I much prefer mainland Scotland. A lot of people that I know who have visited previously completely disagree with me but personally – apart from the tourist attractions we explored – I found it slightly underwhelming compared to what we had seen previously in the week. It may have been because of the time of year that we stayed there and I’m sure it is a lot prettier in the summer so we’ve both agreed to go back at some point to see whether that’s true.



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