Teesside – Edinburgh

We spent the first few hours of our Scotland road trip hurriedly packing the car and removing the back seats to make a DIY bed comfortable enough to sleep in (for 3 of our 6 nights on the road). We planned to set off by 10.30am but ended up completely underestimating how much we had left to pack (‘we’ meaning ‘me’) and finally started our journey at around 12.30pm.

I know it’s obvious advice to give and everyone says it but really do try and be as prepared as possible for trips like these. It will make the initial journey as easy for yourself/your travel partners as possible and give you more time to explore!

Our first stop was Edinburgh, the historic capital of Scotland and a beautifully diverse University city. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived it was nearly dark but Jordan had visited previously so he showed me around the city and made sure I saw everything I wanted to in the short time we had.

We were both starving by the time we found somewhere to park and checked in to our hotel; so went to the first place we could find that had something on the menu that I could eat (being a picky vegetarian isn’t very convenient when finding a place to eat). The first place we stumbled upon was The Black Medicine Coffee Company on Nicholson Street and it ended up being the perfect place to get some food. The whole place was designed with a cosy bohemian theme and the staff were helpful and friendly.

Once we had finished eating and Jordan had finished his coffee, we walked down the Royal Mile which is the main walkway through Edinburgh’s Old Town. It’s dotted with souvenir shops, street performers and architecturally beautiful buildings.


At the end of the Mile, we came to Edinburgh Castle which was illuminated in the dark and breathtaking to see. Due to the day of the week and the time that we were there, it was almost completely silent while we admired the Castle and the view of the city from Castle Rock. I would definitely recommend going to see the castle at night, just to experience how incredible it looks without a crowd of people bumping into you and standing in your way!


We ended the night at Whistle Binkies – a live music bar we stumbled upon while running through the High Street in the pouring rain. The bar had really pretty decor and a comfortable atmosphere but as we were exhausted after the stressful day we had experienced, we only stayed for two drinks.

We left the bar and had an early night in a lovely apartment we had rented on West Nicholson Street, ready to set off to Glencoe after breakfast the next morning. After spending just one evening in Edinburgh, I can definitely imagine us living there at some point in the future; when we’re tired of living in the mountains and want to experience life in a big city.


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