High Force

On Sunday, Jordan and I drove to High Force – a small waterfall located at Forest-in-Teesdale, in the North of England. I hadn’t previously heard of this waterfall (which is surprising as it’s so close to where I have lived for most of my life) so I didn’t really know what to expect.

The drive there was just as incredible as the waterfall itself. We passed through small villages with quaint houses and extravagant churches, and drove by Raby Castle – a 600 year old medieval castle in the middle of a large forest. The size of Raby Castle completely dwarfs everything around it and although the grounds were closed, it was pretty breathtaking just seeing it from a distance.


We’ll definitely have to visit when it’s open some time in the future.

When we arrived at High Force, it was a short but incredibly beautiful walk down to the waterfall. It had just stopped raining so there were several small rivers active alongside the walkway for us to explore.



At the bottom of the waterfall, we climbed as far over the rocks as possible (which took a while as I’m clumsy and very likely to break an ankle) and took some photos whilst sat on the river’s edge.


We could have spent all day admiring the sheer power of High Force but after about an hour, our lunch was calling so we headed back to Sirius. We sat in the boot with the door open and the view of the forest in front of us; eating and discussing our excitement for our pending move to Austria, before enjoying the scenic drive back home.

If you ever get the chance to visit High Force, I would certainly recommend braving it on a rainy day. The waterfall looks so much more powerful after heavy rainfall! Remember to bring change as we had to pay £5 in total to park Sirius in the High Force car park and for entry tickets for the two of us.


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