Day Trip to York

After last week’s day trip to High Force, I’ve realised that there are a lot of places I haven’t ever visited that are very close to my hometown of Teesside. On Sunday, I ticked one of these places off of my list. Jordan and I drove to York City Centre and spent the day fitting as much sight-seeing into the day as possible. Jordan had been to York several times before so thankfully, we knew where to go and didn’t spend too much time wandering around trying to find our way.

As soon as we walked into the city, we were met by York Minster – the largest gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. I had seen York Minster previously on television but nothing prepared me for the sheer size of it and after several attempts and many frustrated sighs, I gave up trying to fit the full cathedral into my photos.


Although we didn’t have enough time go inside, the architecture itself is completely overwhelming and my photos certainly don’t do it any justice at all (and my incredibly poor photography skills don’t help either)!

We then took our time walking down tiny cobbled streets; ducking in and out of 4-story book stores and quirky bars and trying not to trip over and break an ankle while doing so. I instantly recognised a street we arrived at as the street which inspired Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter films and you can definitely see how!


After grabbing some food at a coffee shop, popping into LUSH to grab some Snow Fairy Shower Gel and stopping in a bakery to pick up some of their homemade Caramel Shortbread, we found ourselves in the Museum Gardens where we came across the most tame grey squirrels I’d ever seen. They were everywhere we looked so we took our chance and attempted to get as close as possible without scaring them to get some amazing close ups.

squirrel1 squirrel2

Carrying on with the Harry Potter theme, I ended the day getting the chance to hold two owls, Rolo the Indian Eagle-Owl and Charlie the Great Grey Owl (just like the Weasley family’s owl, Errol). Rolo constantly looked annoyed at having to be there and quite obviously hated his handler, supossedly due to the fact she had taken a chicken carcass away from him three months previously and he had held a grudge ever since.

roloowlme1 roloowl1

Charlie on the other hand was a crowd favourite and you definitely couldn’t blame them. He was incredibly tame and loved being stroked (although his face in the first photo does say otherwise)!

charlieowlme charlieowl1

It was about to start getting dark so we headed back to the car just in time to catch the most beautiful sunset. Although the rain had been on and off all day so the sky was covered in clouds, the sunlight shining through them made for an incredible view from the car as Jordan drove us back home.


York was a gorgeous city and we’ll definitely be going back again to stay for a full weekend so that we can do some more exploring and see was York’s night-life has to offer. If you ever get the chance to visit York, I would recommend going on a a weekday if possible as the volume of people on a weekend caused me to get shoved around quite a lot while walking through the narrow streets. If you’re looking for a place to eat/drink, Evil Eye is an amazing Cocktail Bar and Thai Restaurant which has the most delicious Tropical Smoothie I’ve ever tasted and some very quirky decor!

Next week Jordan and I will be off on our road-trip through Scotland for 6-nights where we’ll be experiencing our first night sleeping in our 4×4, Sirius. Hopefully all goes well, we won’t be kidnapped and you’ll be hearing about how it all goes when I get back!


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