Reunited in Keflavik

After landing in Iceland, the plan was to get a taxi from Keflavik airport to the hotel which was only about 5 minutes away (but over an hour to walk), where we’d meet my parents. Instead, we were pleasantly surprised when we walked through arrivals and a hand tapped me on the shoulder. My parents […]

7 Countries in 4 Days

Edinburgh Airport

Taking four hour-long stops along the way, traffic turned what should have been a tedious 16-hour drive into a 25-hour journey from hell (OK, maybe that’s a little bit dramatic…I’m sure there’s been worse – I could have been driving). We finally arrived in Teesside on Thursday evening after driving through five different countries and […]

Our First Night Out

Colourful Fabrics on Cart

For the following two weeks, we stayed in the Old Town Hostel which was located within the district of Prenzlauer Berg in the north-east of the city. It was within walking distance to Jordan’s new job (which he was enjoying…thank god) and was surrounded by plenty of quirky shops and cafés. Plus, the laundromat was only […]

The Living Wall

Living Wall

After checking out of the Novum Hotel, we set off towards Jordan’s meeting. He had been told it would take about 4 hours altogether so I decided to spend those hours in Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus. Thankfully, it was on the way to the office so I left Jordan halfway after wishing him luck and crossing all of […]